DQuad – XT Complete Frame 5″ 190 Size

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Dquad XT190

190mm sized frame


True X shape (all motors are equally distanced)


Lightweight but very strong design by using a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum

Custom PDB with interfaces for connecting a pololu (0.5A or 1A)

“Locking” arms (same strong core design as RefleX)


High FPV camera angles possible

When extra FPV angle is needed you will keep the body’s strength just by repositioning the orange spacers so that the roll-cage-effect is preserved.


Manual for the Dquad XT190 can be found here



Version: 1

Materials: 3k Twill Weave Matte Carbon Fiber 1.5mm (bottom plate) / 2mm (Pod Side Plates) / 4mm (arms)

Motor to Motor: 190mm

Frame weight: 105 grams

Fasteners: Black button hex head steel cap / Anodized orange aluminium standoffs and pod connection bracket

Propeller size: 5’’

Motor Mount: M3 16mm -19mm (motor size 2204 & 2206)

FPV Camera: suitable for camera like the HS1177 (not included)



Integrated Power distribution board (PDB)

Interfaces for connecting a voltage regulator (optimized for pololu)

Integrated esc connections (+ & -) on PDB

Dedicated VTX supply pads on PDB

Gopro Session protection case 3D file available for download. Install session directly on top. No strap needed.


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